16 October 2020

HP innovates to try to increase market share in printing

HP innovates to try to increase market share in printing

Comparing its strategy to that of Tesla, HP said its new features in specific segments of the printer market could hurt mature industries. The company has launched a new series of multifunction printers (MFPs) and services. The printer is an A3 model, in which HP still has a certain market share in the industry. Thus, HP is trying to innovate in an attempt to increase its market share in printing. HP innovates to try to increase market share in printing.

Silicone Vallée giant HP said the expanded printer lineup is “renovating” the market with new features unheard of in the A3 model, which can print or copy objects on 11 x 17 inch paper.

HP gains a foothold in the printing market

“HP is actually trying to create a space for printing like Tesla does in the automotive industry,” HP vice president Aurelio Maruggi told ZDNet. This means that innovation is not just trading technology for technology, but serving consumers. For A3 printers, this is about solving security concerns, making colors more attractive, and adding sensor technology to meet maintenance needs. HP is thus entering the printing market.

Why HP is bringing innovation to the printer

According to HP’s internal printer market estimates, here’s why HP is innovating in this area. The printer market is worth over $ 110 billion which is split between A3 and A4 sales, and HP already occupies about a third of the A4 market. However, so far it only accounts for 3% of A3 sales.

Maruji said, “We just don’t have the right ingredients to do what we’re doing in the A4 market.” “We think we now have all the pieces, and there are secrets to giving HP and its partners a chance.”

HP innovations for printing

Therefore, HP has launched three-page MFPs and 13 LaserJet A3 MFPs, which will hit the market next year. The PageWide and LaserJet Enterprise models will have HP security features already available on A4 printers. So, such as start confirmation, runtime intrusion detection and whitelist. HP PageWide Pro devices will ship with Sure Start and firmware integrity checks. All new HP PageWide and LaserJet devices can be used with HP Security Services. As well as the JetAdvantage series. According to Maruggi, the new A3 printer is not only as secure as A4 devices. In addition, it is just as reliable as any computer device.

HP also uses its Smart Device Service (SDS). This is a suite of cloud computing tools and device-based detection capabilities to help channel partners reduce maintenance costs. Such as sending technicians to inspect printers. The new service is integrated with third-party monitoring and management tools for devices and services that are already widely used.

HP innovates to try to increase market share in printing
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